Keelagher Family Office

We understand the myriad of complexities and challenges faced in today's world and the aspirations of a family's needs

About Us

The keelagher Family Office represents the perosnal interests of a number of select family members, including unique investment opportunities, tax and inheritance planning and the ability to facilitate their philanthropic ambitions.

Under the direct stewardship of the family, the office benefits from a wide range of opportunities, including asset finance advice on marine, aviation and automotive commodities through select partners, and access to a brand new bespoke support service for family members. 

Contrary to their traditional image, family offices have built a reputation as fast, nimble and increasingly ambitious direct investors. With substantial capital at hand and some of the best finance talent at their disposal, they have become noteworthy participants in global investment markets. Among them, first-generation family offices with direct entrepreneurial experience are especially well equipped to capture opportunities in the post-Covid-19 economic environment, while also helping to shape future investor values.

Our Services


The office handles a number of unique investemnt opportunities for the family .


The office works with a number of select advisors and industry experts.

Our Team

Chair of Family Office

Martin Keelagher- Chair

Martin is a serial entreprener, Chair, Non-Executive Director and Director, with a diverse set of interests. 

Martin founded the Family Office in 2021. 

Head of Philanthropy 

Head of Philanthropy

Our Head of Philanthropy, is tasked with representing our non-profit and third sector interests. 

They also head up the allocations committee. 

Head of Investments

Head of Investments

Our Head of Investments, ensures that our portfolios are inline with our expectations and aspirations. 

They also head up the Investement committee. 

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